Why Ethics Gateway?

Implementing the Ethics Gateway will build good workplace culture in your company. It is safe to say that if something undesirable is going on in your workplace, at least one person knows of it and probably others. It is always better to resolve such matters successfully before they escalate, risking financial loss, bad reputation and lawsuits. If a company’s executives learn quickly of undesirable conduct or discontent of employees in the workplace, they can quickly defuse the situation and increase the likelihood that the parties involved will develop a deeper understanding of the problem. 


Attacking the root of the problem is the best course

  • Do you need to examine work processes or work procedures?

  • Do you need to offer instruction to managers or other employees?

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Using Ethics Gateway as a third party ensures getting better and deeper information from those involved.

Ethics Gateway employees are certified service providers in health and safety in the workplace and trained in communications, with rapport as their guideline. They can therefore tailor communications to each reporter. As unbiased parties, they are therefore more likely to obtain the information required from an employee. Thus, they successfully obtain a solution.


Examples of undesirable conduct or discontent in a job

  • A co-worker or co-workers commit sexual harassment at work.

  • A co-worker or co-workers bully/mob others.

  • An employee commits physical or emotional violence against another employee.

  • Employees repeatedly and chronically have trouble dealing with others.

  • An employee experiences chronic stress in his or her work.

  • An employee experiences discontent in relations with other employees.

  • An employee experiences discontent at work affecting other aspects of his job.