Bullying/mobbing, sexual and sex-related harassment

The Directorate of Labour’s Regulation no. 1009/2015 states the following definitions.  




Bullying/mobbing is continually repeated behaviour generally aimed at triggering discontent in those it targets. Examples are belittling, insulting, wounding or threatening the person involved or causing that person to be afraid. Differing opinions or a dispute regarding different interests does not come under this 




Sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual behaviour directed against a person. It has the purpose or the effect of offending the person’s dignity, especially when the behaviour leads to threatening, hostile, degrading, humiliating or insulting circumstances. The behaviour can be verbal, symbolic and/or physical. 




Gender-based harassment is behaviour related to the gender of a person; it is unwanted and has the purpose or effect of offending the person’s dignity and creating circumstances that are threatening, hostile, degrading, humiliating or insulting to the person. 




Violence is behaviour leading or possibly leading to someone’s physical or psychological harm or suffering. The concept also includes a threat of such, constraint or random deprivation of freedom. 


Sexual harassment

Gender-based harassment